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British Science week at International Bomber Command Centre

The club was delighted to support the International Bomber Command Centre’s British Science Week Pop-up Event on 16th March 2024

This year’s theme was “Time” with an obvious link with communications. One of our club members, Rose, 2E0RXO, proposed the idea of aircraft communication and tracking from 1940 to the present day, which fitted in well with the IBCC’s plans for the event. Certificates, give aways and teaching meterials

In addition to learning about amateur radio, visiting children were able to try sending Morse code with original “bathtub” keys and Aldis lamps, tutored by Bob, G3VCA and Andy, M0IYE. Meanwhile, Rose, 2E0RXO, demonstrated live ADS-B and ACARS and let children use her system.

170 people signed up to take part in these activities, so our team were kept very busy, as were the staff at IBCC. A fantastic day was had by all!